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Don' t Expect Praises

Introduction: Boy Yang Jin graduated from elementary school. He felt grown up and should have a celebration. So he wrote a letter to his parents, saying that they went to grandma's house. Actually, he wore shorts and went to a good friend’s home in the mountain. From town to village, everything is the first time for him. Barefoot and hand in hand, they experienced a lot of things, said very silly words and laughed heartily. Nothing big happened, so what things were looked very heavy. River flowing in the ground, the children were running in the mountains. Some praised the wise, someone not. But it doesn’t matter. This is a story about friendship and a story of that summer.

The film truly tells the story from the child's perspective, usual and not pretentious. Children’s innocent speeches and jumping thinking seem stubborn and amusing, bursting out poetic aura from time to time. Looking with innocent eyes, everywhere is full of childlike in the world. Combined with live performances and animation, the film makes children’ memories and unrestrained imagination visualization.