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Class arrangement




• Play with Mud – Don’t be afraid of dirty hands. Mud could graffiti, be shaped and used to throw mud gun! Experience nature with fun and enjoy a trip of mud;• Paste Trees - every day we see trees. They help a lot for our living environment. To learn how to protect trees, so paste out a tree of your own!;• Magician - a small stick suddenly becomes glasses, turns into a butterfly, or becomes fairy sparklers, because I was a little magician;

Creative Art

• Art Wall - how can an ordinary wall become vivid? Together with you baby to freely create the most beautiful walls in your heart;• Blow Painting – to watch a little bit of changes of trees, like a tree slowly growing into towering trees and undergoing changes throughout the year. Just with a blowpipe you can witness this miracle;• Stones - Stones of different shapes carry each person’s dream. Paint on a stone and bring it a different story;• Stitching "big event" of Love – this unique art interactive program makes parents and children together enjoy their creativity and take artistic seeds back to daily family lives.• Small Kitten – it enriches bits of life education stories.  Join the ranks of the scene to color characters in the story of little kitten and put on beautiful clothes for them. 

Interactive Games

• Insect Paradise - in the corner we have not found locates the insect's paradise where they love each other. To recognize these new friends in these little interesting games;• Ch-Ch-Changes – where has the rat brother’s small vest actually gone? Children learn to transfer and exchange, and the small team of partners complete the task together;• Family Story - encounter Babies’ strange ideas. How do moms and dads pick off the moon for their children? Find little fairy for help!

Music and Performance

• English and Chinese Illustrated Drama Performance- in the music world, listen to beautiful illustrated stories, depict images of classic picture books, interpret roles of picture books through dance and songs, percept content and learn good characters.• Baby Salsa Dance - in the melodious music, dance follow the hedgehog who loves dancing. Kids love life and enjoy the vibrant notes in the book.