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Hou Zhaomin: Safety: First Lesson in Life


Hou Zhaomin is a Certified Safety Evaluator, a Certified Safety Engineer, Executive Committee Member and Security Consultant of One Foundation Rescue Alliance, and Chairman of Bejing Zhiben Weiye Management Consulting Company. Yunan Province suffered from a great drought in 2010. In March, he, along with Jet Li, Wen Zhang and other members of One Foundation as well as the Jeep Motorcade of Huofeng Rescue Team, donated over 700,000 yuan at Mohei. In 2013, the One Foundation Rescue Alliance, under his coordination, carried out a rescue when an earthquake attacked Ya’an of Sichuan Province. He also planned and commanded each group of the Alliance to try to prevent disasters and reduce damages in Phase Two.

Time:2013.8.17   16:00-16:40 、17:00-17:40