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Paint color and donate love




Color for life, paint color and donate love, is an interactive program, designed by WABC (World of Art Brut Culture) to improve the social attention and acceptance of brain disability groups. In the event, the black-n-white works and explanation from WABC’s students will be shown to people, while our little participants will choose any of their favorites and paint colors. The participation of parents is also warmly welcome. We hope, by drawing a picture together, we could have spiritual communication beyond time, space, language, and groups. Though the link in hearts, we will boost the understanding and accepting of the society to brain disabilities group. After the painting, the children will receive a donation certificate and can also write a card to the WABC's students.


Date: 2013.8.16 to 2013.8.20
Location: MOMΛ S0 restaurant downstairs
Recommended age of participants: 3- to 12-year old children and parents