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None Visual Studio photography show and workshop


It is a creative and tentative project, raised by blind group. People will experience the new way of photographing and cognition by blind closely, will understand blind from a more real and objective way. Thus, find and trust the potential of blind group, so that, we would accept and respect, and together work for the harmony of the society with disabilities.
Brought by One Plus One (Beijing) Disable Persons' Culture Development Center, learn to use the sense except vision, like judging distance by audition, explore by touching and smelling. The final presented photos, touchable picture and word, voice description, all of these will make the participant observe and comprehend the world further more. By photographing, blind could share their own feeling with others, have the chance to express and communicate with the society as they’ve never had.

Date of the show: 2013.8.16 to 2013.8.20

Location of the show: Corridor T2 to T3 

Time of the workshop: 10:00-11:30, 2013.8.16

Location of the workshop: in front of the lift in T3

Recommended age of participants: 4- to 15-year-old children