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Leading by the seasoned experts on reading, you will have a new view of picture books: music, technology, art and emotion...all kinds of elements could combine with picture books. Let's read with the kids and develop a different way to tell stories in the class!


Time: 2013.8.17 to 2013.8.18, 6 classes each day
           2013.8.16, 8.19, 8.20, 4 classes each day
           (50 minutes each class)
Location: T5.

Story house inside the room,
picture book workshop outside the room.




Recommended age of participants: 0 to 12 years old children and parents 

Number of participants: 12 to 20 people each round

Participating organizations:

Kid's republic picture book store

Yourbay Library

Read-A-Book Family Friendly Reading Club

Mummy expert of picture books: Guo Xiaohan & Yang Silu

Mum & Baby Media